Which sports are popular for Daily Fantasy Sports in India?

Sports in India

India is a nation that loves sport. Indians have developed a growing interest in American sports such as NBA, as well as English Premier League football. However unsurprisingly, the most loved sport is cricket.

Cricket is considered more like a religion than a sport. When Twenty 20 cricket began in 2003, it took just five years for India to create its own T20 league known as the Indian Premier League which immediately, before a ball was even bowled, was the marquee cricket league in the world.

The IPL has now become so big that it is one of the richest professional sporting leagues in the world today. This passion for T20 has undoubtedly been a great advantage to the Indian national side, while also providing a positive impact on their Test side too, as they are one of the best sides in the world in all forms of the game.

T20 cricket is a brilliant format for daily fantasy sports which is why fantasy cricket is considered the most popular daily fantasy sport in India. The fast-paced nature means that players can jump up the DFS leaderboard quickly if the ball falls your way!

The Indian national sport, Kabaddi, is also hugely popular for daily fantasy sports. In recent years the game has successfully spread into neighbouring countries and even further afield to places such as a Japan and Iran. Fantasy Kabaddi is run every day during the Pro Kabaddi League season at most of the Indian DFS sites.

Football is another very popular fantasy sport in India. Fans are just as immersed in the Indian Super League as they are in the marquee club competition in the world, the English Premier League. There are a few Indian DFS sites which run contests for other major soccer leagues around the world too.

The NBA is another game well supported and closely followed, with a number of DFS sites regularly producing contests in the competition.

There are other sports which some sites do run daily fantasy contests for such as tennis, badminton, poker and even wrestling.

As you can see, daily fantasy sports are a great way to complement your sports enjoyment with plenty of great DFS contests for the most popular sports in India.

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