Popularity of Daily Fantasy Sports in India

DFS Sports

In 2001, ESPN Star Sports unveiled a fantasy cricket game, called Super Selector. This game was an instant hit, with over half a million users playing in the first year. During the 2003 Cricket World Cup, the game had become so immensely popular, that the sheer volume of players logging on to the site forced it to crash. ESPN struggled to get the site functioning and decided to abandon the game.

The advent of Twenty20 cricket in 2003 was an instant success and in 2008 the Indian Premier League began, which has became intensely popular not just in India, but worldwide. It is the premier T20 league in the world and one of the richest sports leagues in the world today.

The combination of India’s passion for cricket, T20 and the whole concept of Daily Fantasy Sports was a match made in heaven. 2016 saw the rebirth of DFS in India, and after a high court ruled that fantasy sports were a game of skill and not a form of illegal gambling in 2017, a flurry of new DFS sites hit the market.

In 2016 it was estimated that 2 million Indians were playing fantasy sport, but incredibly just two years later, that figure has blown out to 20 million! Some estimates are suggesting that this growth will continue into 2020, where it’s expected some 100 million people in India will be participating in Daily Fantasy Sports.

It is this amazing growth which has understandably attracted the attention of arguably the biggest DFS site in the world, DraftKings,who have been quite public about their ambitions to break into the Indian DFS scene.


Given their huge prizes which constantly dwarf those of every other site, such a move, in a country with such rapid growth in DFS players, would almost certainly be hastened further if DraftKings were to set up a base in India.

In the meantime, Indian DFS players have a fantastic range of Daily Fantasy Sports site on offer to give DFS a try with cricket, soccer, basketball and kabaddi contests available. Dream11 remains the largest DFS operator in India, but there are many DFS sites to choose from. Check our our Indian DFS Sites Reviews for more information.