NostraGamus Review


NostraGamus is a unique daily fantasy sports platform which is only accessible via their mobile application. If you visit the website on a PC you will be asked to enter in your mobile number and a link to download the app will be sent to you via SMS. The app itself also does not appear in the app store, so this process is the only way you can get the NostraGamus app.

NostraGamus app download

Once you have installed the app, you will be able to access the NostraGamus lobby. The very top of the screen will show promotions and helpful tools, such as guides on how to play their daily fantasy sports games.

Underneath is a small bar showing all of their available sports that you can play fantasy games in. Their range is one of the widest in the Indian DFS market, with Cricket, Football, Basketball, Tennis, Badminton and Kabaddi all covered. Simply select the sport, then navigate through the list of available games.

Nostragamus lobbyWhat makes this game unique is that you must make predictions on match events, as opposed to selecting a fantasy team of players. Correct predictions earn you points, while incorrect predictions will see you lose points. Once you have made all of the predictions required, you must then click on the ‘Join a contest to win prizes’ button, which will show all available contests for that match. Locate the desired contest and tap on join.

Adding money to your account is relatively easy as well. They accept payment from a number of methods, notably debit and credit card or via Net Banking. Being a mobile app, this process is clearly and easily displayed, making the process rather seamless.

You can also purchase ‘Powerups’ to enhance your score. They are used on just one of your predictions in a match. There are three types of Powerups:

  • 2x which doubles the points you win or lose based on whether you get a prediction right or wrong
  • No-Negatives which removes the risk of losing points if your prediction turns out wrong
  • Audience Poll which shows you the percentage of what other users in the same game have predicted.

The app and the website both provide thorough ‘How to play’ guides, Rules section and FAQ area, which also contains the email address of the site if you need to contact them about specific matters not covered elsewhere.

NostraGamus is a fun and inventive slant on the fantasy game format, with the app being very user-friendly, making it enjoyable for players of all skill levels.


Sports Offered:

  • Cricket (International Tests, ODI and T20, as well as a number of domestic competitions from around the world)
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Kabaddi

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