NBA Daily Fantasy Tips – Saturday 10th November


Yesterday’s smaller four-game slate saw a few surprise results with the Bucks blowing out the Warriors and the Westbrook-less Thunder making light work of the Rockets. There were some terrific individual performances from Eric Bledsoe (26 points, six assists), Kyrie Irving (39 points, seven rebounds, six assists) and Devin Booker (38 points, nine assists) that amounted to some huge fantasy scores.

We now shift our focus to Saturday, where there’s a big seven-game slate of NBA action that is sure to dish up some exciting games. We’ve analysed all the important numbers from each game to provide our best superstar pick, best player of difference (POD) pick of the day, and a player to avoid.

Best superstar pick

Each day we’re analysing each match-up and providing our best player of the day based on a number of things.

For Saturday, November 10th our best pick of the day is Joel Embiid (Philadelphia 76ers). The big man from Cameroon is having a fantastic season to date, averaging over 27 points and 12 rebounds per contest, while playing at all NBA level on the defensive side. In a slate doesn’t host as many superstars as usual, Embiid offers the most upside. He comes up against the Hornets who don’t have the defence to handle him. Hornets big man Cody Zeller has nowhere near the athleticism of Embiid, which will cause all sorts of problems in this one.

Player of difference

Just like we’re doing with the superstar picks, we’re going to be finding a sneaky pick each day that in fantasy terms is labelled as a player (or point) of difference. These are players that won’t be selected by many people, thus making them a great unique pick.

On Saturday our best POD for the day is Tyler Johnson (Miami Heat). Not so much for his ability (although he is a fine player), but more so the fact that starting point guard Goran Dragic isn’t playing is the reason why Johnson is a solid pick. 26-year-old Johnson averages 10 points in his 26 minutes per contest, but with no Dragic in the line-up you can expect those numbers to increase significantly. Another important factor is that the Heat will come up against the Pacers, which should be a close game that keeps all of their main players on the floor right up until the final siren.

Who to avoid

Another important thing to know in fantasy is who not to pick in a certain slate. For this section we focus on popular players that come up against unfavourable match-ups, thus making them players to avoid.

Saturday’s stay away player is Blake Griffin (Detroit Pistons). Not a knock on his ability at all, as Griffin is a star of the game. However, we recommend staying away from him on Saturday due to the match-up with the Hawks most likely ending in a blowout. The Hawks are an extremely young team and are playing their third game in just four days, which naturally have them fatigued. We’ve already seen them get blown out on multiple occasions this season and Saturday may just be another.