Indian Super League

Indian Super League

The Indian Super League is the premier Football competition in India. It comprises of 10 teams who play a total of 95 games per season, with each season running from November to March.

Football in India dates way back to the 19th century, with 1888’s Durand Cup being the first Nationwide competition. The first National League however didn’t begin until 1996, when the semi-professional National Football League took off.

Several attempts to have a fully professional tournament were hit by hurdles and disagreements. In 2014 the Inaugural Indian Super League season kicked off, running in conjunction with the National League (known as the I-League from 2007). Today, both the Indian Super League and the I-League run at the same time, with the I-League deemed the official League, despite the Super League being more popular.

In the 2017-18 season, the I-League had an average attendance of 10,280 per game while the Indian Super League had a noticeably bigger average of 15,047 per game.

Between the two competitions, over 180 games are played each season. With so many games, teams and players, it is no surprise that daily fantasy sports sites offer regular fantasy football contests, with the number of DFS sites in India supporting football steadily increasing.

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