How to play Daily Fantasy Kabaddi

Kabaddi India

Kabaddi is a game that began in India and has grown into one of their biggest sports, with a high level of popularity that is only bettered by cricket.

It is a very unique game, in that it is a team contact sport that does not have a ball. Each side has 7 players and 3 players in reserve. Each play, known as a ‘raid’, has a member of the attacking side run into the opposition half, with the aim of tagging as many defending team players as possible, cross a baulk line in the defender’s territory and then run back into their own half in order to score points. If the defending team effect a tackle on the attacker and prevent him returning to his own half, the defending team earns a point.

The Pro Kabaddi League was launched in 2014 and so too did Fantasy Kabaddi games at daily fantasy sports websites, such as Champions11, Dream11, Fantain, HalaPlay, MoneyBall9, MyTeam11, PlayerzPot, StarPick and NostraGamus.

With the exception of NostraGamus, which is a predictions game, the other Indian DFS sites listed use a similar format for playing Fantasy Kabaddi.

At Dream11,you have to select a fantasy Kabaddi team that contains 7 players. Where either 2 or 3 can be defenders, 1 or 2 can be all-rounders and 1, 2 or 3 can be Raiders.

Each player is worth a specific number of credits, and you have 100 credits at your disposal to select your team with.

Once you have selected your team, you will then have to select a captain and a vice-captain. These players will see their scores multiplied (captain x2, vice-captain x1.5).

This is a standard format for Fantasy Kabaddi, so while there will be some sites which may be slightly different, all of the concepts remain the same. As your players score points in real matches, they will translate to fantasy points for your team. The more points your team accumulates, the better chance you have of winning some great prizes!

Fantasy Kabaddi is a great game for DFS players in India, so why not join today and give it a try!