How to play Daily Fantasy Football

Indian Super League Football

Football (also known as soccer in some countries) is regarded as ‘The World Game’ and even though cricket dominates the Indian sport scene, football is also very popular in India.

The Indian Super League and English Premier League are the two most commonly watched football competitions in India and also the two most popular leagues for fantasy football contests played in India.

Most daily fantasy sports sites in India provide contests in Soccer, most notably the following sites: 11WicketsChampions11Dream11FanFightFantainHalaPlayHowzatLeagueGuruMatchKingsMoneyBall9MyTeam11NostraGamusPlayerzPot and StarPick.

These sites all use a similar system, making it easy to play daily fantasy football at all Indian DFS sites.

First of all you have a set amount of credits (or budget) which you have to select your fantasy football team with. Just like in the real world, your selected side must contain 11 players, broken down into specific roles – typically 1 goalkeeper, 4 defenders and a combination of midfielders and forwards. Each player is worth a set number of credits (or has a monetary value) which you must be mindful of when selecting your team.

You cannot spend more than your allocated credits or budget and you must pick the precise number of players in your squad and cover all of the positions as required.

Once you have finalised your side, you will then have to select a captain (who will score double points) and a vice-captain (who will be score 1.5x).

Your players then earn points based on their real world feats in the same game. The below list of scoring metrics from MyTeam11 gives you an understanding as to how players score points in fantasy football.

Given players can also lose points, you need to be mindful of many aspects of a player’s style to ensure you select the side capable of scoring the most fantasy points. Whoever has the lineup that collects the most points will be the contest winner!

Now you are able to go and compete in fantasy football contests available at nearly every Indian DFS site. Enjoy!