How To Play Daily Fantasy Cricket

Cricket Virat Kohli

Cricket is the top summer sport in many countries, especially in India, where the love of the game has seen it become their favourite game of all. The Indian Premier League is the marquee competition in any form of T20 cricket anywhere in the world. This guide will explain all the forms of cricket as well as explaining how to play fantasy cricket.

There are three major formats for cricket around the world:

  • Test matches (Tests) – These are played over a maximum of 5 days. Both sides are allowed to bat twice with the goal of scoring more runs than the opposition across two innings.
  • One Day Internationals (ODI) – These games are completed in one day. Both sides get a maximum of 50 overs to score their runs in one innings. The team with the most runs wins.
  • Twenty20 (T20) – A shortened version of ODI’s. Both sides are given just 20 overs to score their runs instead of 50.

Every daily fantasy sports site in India is focussed heavily on cricket. Not just International games either, but domestic leagues all around the world including the Big Bash League, Carribean Premier League and English T20 League.

The majority of Indian DFS sites use a similar system. You have a total of 100 points and need to pick 11 players with those points. You cannot use more than 100 points and you cannot select more or less than 11 players. Each player is worth a set number of points, thus each player you pick, reduces your remaining points total of which to select other players with.

Fantasy Cricket Team selection

You will likely also be required to select a player to be captain and another to be vice-captain. In these games, the player you nominate to be captain will see their points total multiplied by 2, while the vice-captains score will be multiplied by 1.5.

Players earn points for many achievements in a game, notably based around scoring runs and taking wickets. The scoring system is slightly different between the three formats of the game and some scoring metrics differ from site to site. Below is an example of the ways a batsmen in T20 can score points at IndusGames.

Indus Games Cricket Batting Points

From the same site, for the same game format, there are also the following metrics as to how else players can accumulate or lose points when bowling or fielding.

Indus Games Cricket Bowling Points

These are all very important as they will all determine who the best players are to pick in your side.

Typically you will have to choose your team so that it satisfies another criteria, player roles. Most sites require you to pick one wicket keeper and a range of batsmen and bowlers. Some will also require an all-rounder (a player adept at batting and bowling).

Ideally, you will be looking at players who are good at two key areas, such as a batsmen who bowls, a bowler who can bat and a wicket keeper who can bat, as these players essentially double their chances of scoring points.

You should also look at the two players you believe will score the highest fantasy points and make them your captain and vice-captain.

Now that you have the basics of the game down pat, you can now go ahead and enter fantasy cricket competitions.