How To Follow Your Progress In Live DFS Contests

Live Streaming

Once you have found a Daily Fantasy Sports site and have got yourself registered and entered into a contest, you may want to watch how your fantasy sports team performs in real-time.

Doing so adds extra excitement to the actual real-world game also taking place and also makes you cheer on players in both competing sides.

Each DFS site is different in regards to following your progress in live contests. However it is quite simple to do, despite each site’s differences.

Typically, once the game has begun, you will be able to view the fantasy contest as it updates the points for each players live, as well as the rankings for all competing players.

For example, at Golden Jeeto simply click on My Leagues at the top of the page and then you can select between Live (which will show live scores for games currently being played), Upcoming (for contests you have enetered but haven’t started yet) and Completed (which shows how your teams performed in games that have finished.)

In this section you can see how many points each of your selected players have scored, based on their real-world performance in the accompanying game.

Golden Jeeto

This is a fantastic way to enjoy a sporting contest as the game progresses. You can see how your team is ranking compared to other players and how much cash you might be in line to win as well!