Fantasy Cricket Strategy: The Importance of Batting Order

Cricket Batting

Batting order is a vital component of cricket contests, as teams aim to have their best batsmen coming out early to build momentum and their score, while also putting pressure on the fielding team.

So too is it important for fantasy cricket and constructing a game plan for your Daily Fantasy Sports contest. All Indian DFS sites offer fantasy cricket contests, many of which run very similarly. There are a few that are uniquely different, such as NostraGamus and Cricket++ but most will follow a similar format.

The batting lineup is important, especially in one-day or T20 matches, as the batsmen in the top order are a much more likely to get a chance to make a big score. In a T20 contest, the opening batsmen have the chance to potentially bat for all twenty overs, however a batsman at number six is likely to only come in with a limited number of overs to bat. If they are chasing a small total, there’s also the chance of the number six batsman not even getting an opportunity to bat at all! Of course, anything can happen, but selecting batsmen who are most likely to come in at the top of the order will usually equate to more points for your fantasy cricket team.

Keep an eye on social media for clues about the potential batting order. If a team has selected someone who might be a bit of a “floater” in the order, and has the potential to be elevated up the order, it could give you an edge to have him on your team when others may have overlooked that possibility.

Also consider the batting order of the bowlers you choose. While their main scoring will hopefully come from bowling dot balls and taking wickets, it’s very handy when a bowler can score a few runs with the bat to give you a few extra fantasy points. Lean towards batsmen who might bat at 7 or 8 in the batting order.

There are many other aspects to consider when selecting batsmen, such as pitch, opposition bowlers, the batsmen’s ability against certain types of bowling and the form of both the batsmen and bowlers.

This added difficulty really does emphasise just how much skill is required to play fantasy cricket and adds another dimension to the enjoyment of both games.