Fantasy Cricket Strategy: The importance of All-Rounders

Indian All Rounder Ravindra Jadeja

In cricket, players have long been put into three different categories; batsmen, bowlers and wicket-keepers. However the advent of One Day cricket in the 1970’s saw an influx of players who were equally brilliant in two disciplines – these players are known as All-Rounders.

The term is generally used to refer to a player who can bat and bowl and in the shortened forms of the game and these players are hugely valuable, as potential match winners with both bat and ball. All-Rounders also provide a team with extra flexibility to pick an extra batsmen or bowler as required.

All Rounders are even more valuable in daily fantasy cricket. They are constantly involved in the game and have the potential to earn points in every innings. This means they have the potential to produce very big scores, while also providing little risk, because they have two chances to score points. If a batsman scores a duck, he’s virtually done for the game in terms of fantasy scoring, but an all-rounder who scores a duck can still bounce back with some effective bowling and a few wickets.

It’s because of this, that fantasy cricket teams are generally limited to just a few all-rounders per game. They are premium players who you will definitely want in your lineups.

There are also some players who are capable of scoring with both the bat and ball, but perhaps aren’t considered all-rounders. Some bowlers are capable of scoring a few runs, while there are also a few batsmen who will occasionally bowl. These players are also well worth considering to help maximise your fantasy score.

There is one more form of all-rounder that is well worth looking at, because they never fall into the category of all-rounders on DFS sites – wicketkeepers who can bat. They are usually always classed as wicketkeepers only, never as batsmen or all-rounders, which gives you the opportunity to pick a bonus all-rounder essentially. These players can rack up high fantasy scores as they can score through batting, as well as their catches and stumpings behind the wicket.

So it pays to know the capabilities of players and look for players who are multi-dimensional. All-rounders are great choices, along with players are likely to perform well with the bat and ball (or gloves), especially players not listed on your preferred DFS site as an all-rounder.