Fantasy Cricket Strategy: Pinch Hitters

Hardik Pandya

Cricket has a wide range of players with unique skills. Some can bowl fast, some are great spin bowlers, some are wicket-keepers and some are good batsmen. Then you have the batsmen who are known as “pinch hitters”.

Pinch hitters are batsmen who are known for scoring fast runs, generally by hitting boundaries. They typically are all-rounders or bowlers, who usually bat in the lower half of the order, but sometimes are thrown in early in the innings to swing the game’s momentum. The strategy of pinch hitters is risky but the ultra-aggressive approach can sometimes be a match-winning move.

Pinch hitters also have a purpose in fantasy cricket, especially in limited overs games. On most Indian DFS Cricket sites, batsmen earn bonus points for hitting boundaries and also for having a good strike rate – that is, the number of runs a batsmen scores on average, per 100 balls faced. Pinch hitters tend to have very high strike rates – in the modern game, that’s ususally in excess of 100.

If you can find a pinch hitter who is an all-rounder or even better, a bowler or a wicket keeper, then they can become very lucrative to have in your fantasy team. They can rack up very handy scores with the bat, providing an additional boost for their fantasy score in addition to their usual role as a bowler or keeper. If the pinch hitter is successful, it could be a selection that provides you with a point of difference that elevates your fantasy team to the top of the leaderboard!