Fantasy Cricket Strategy: Bowling at the Death

Cricket Andrew Tye

Every cricket match that is played in a one-day or T20 format, has a period towards the end of each innings where batsmen will play very aggressive shots in an attempt to score fast runs before they run out of overs.

Obviously this situation is very risky, which means that bowlers who have the ability to deceive the batsman in this period, have the opportunity to also claim fast wickets. Often we will see multiple wickets fall in the final over of an innings when batsmen are desperate to try and clear the boundary.

Bowling at the death of the innings is becoming a speciality position, with slower balls, yorkers and change-ups ultra important to try and reduce the amount of runs scored. If you can figure out which bowlers will bowl the death overs, these bowlers are great choices for your fantasy teams.

While there are no hard and fast rules for who bowls the final overs, getting to know which bowlers will bowl the death overs is a great strategy. These bowlers will generally show a higher strike rate, collect more wickets which means more points for your fantasy team.

Usually you’ll find that death bowlers are pace bowlers who have the ability to bowl variations. There’s not too many spin bowlers in world cricket bowling the death overs as generally they are considered too risky for containing runs to bowl at the end of the innings.

In fantasy cricket bowlers earn points rapidly for each wicket they take, so bowlers who are especially strong when it comes to bowling at the death are very valuable additions to your team.