Fantasy Cricket Strategy: Batsmen who can bowl

Suresh Raina

With all-rounders being a sought-after commodity in fantasy cricket it is often a great strategy to identify any batsmen who can bowl the occasional over or two. These players are very rare because in cricket, every player is expected to bat, but not every player is expected to bowl.

There are very few batsmen who can bowl a little without necessarily being regarded as all-rounders in daily fantasy sports contests. Finding them is very difficult, largely because nearly all of them are part-time bowlers, which means they aren’t expected to bowl in every game.

Part-time bowlers are also more unlikely to bowl in limited overs games. If you find a batsman who can bowl, then you need ascertain the possibility of them bowling, which can be done by looking at the bowling options selected in their team. If the bowling stocks are light, especially in the same bowling category, then the batsmen has a much higher chance of being used as a bowler.

However if the team has plenty of bowlers, then there’s very little to no chance of a part-time bowler being used.

It’s also worthwhile to know if the pitch suits the bowler and if the team has selected a suitable bowler for the conditions. Sometimes, a team may decide to use a part-time bowler as part of the bowling rotation, but play it down so as to cause an element of surprise.

The great benefit of selecting a player like this in your fantasy lineup is that they can score points for you that perhaps were unexpected. A few tight overs or even a wicket or two could be the surprise element that gets your fantasy lineup into a winning position.

Finding a batsmen who can and will bowl in an upcoming game is one of the harder tasks in fantasy cricket, but also one of the most rewarding if you can pull it off.