Dotball Review

As their slogan says, DotBall is “Everything Cricket.” Their Daily Fantasy Sports site only provides DFS contests in cricket.

What makes their site entirely unique is that their lobby is visible on their home page, even for users who haven’t even registered.

To register you just submit your desired Username, phone number and password. A code will be sent to your mobile, which you then enter into the website to confirm your details, and your registration is complete.

The lobby is very well laid out. It’s sleek, clear and very tidy looking. The one page shows the upcoming matches, live scoring of current game and open contests.

Navigating the site is very easy. Simply select one of the upcoming games and then click on the desired competition you want to play in, under Open Contests (Click on the button displaying the entry fee).

You will then move to the team selection screen. Here you will see that you have 100 credits of which you have to build your squad of 11 players. Each player is worth a set number of credits depending on their fantasy scoring ability. Once you have selected your team, you must then choose a captain (whose score is doubled) and a vice-captain (whose score is multiplied by 1.5). And once you submit, you are automatically entered into that contest.

Adding money into your account is a simple procedure too. Simply navigate to ‘My Wallet’ and click on ‘Add Money’. From there you can make a deposit via debit/credit card, Net Banking and a selection of mobile wallet services.

Their customer service of the site is consistent with the rest of the site. Very clear and easy to read and well laid out.The Contact Us and Support links both do the same thing, open up a window where you type in your email address, name, phone number and your query, which will be sent directly to them via email.

DotBall is a very well designed and well laid out site which makes it appealing to novice users as well.


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