5 Winning Tips for Daily Fantasy Football

EPL Mohamed Salah

With the advent of daily fantasy sports taking off around the globe, there are now more ways than ever to stay interested in a game even when your team isn’t playing! The English Premier League is the biggest domestic sporting code in the world and you can now play daily fantasy football at many of the best DFS sites in India.

If you’ve already wrapped your head around the scoring system and how to play daily fantasy football, then you’re ready to dive into the strategy of the game. We are here to provide you with a few key tips that will hopefully win you some cold hard cash in upcoming daily fantasy football contests at Indian DFS sites!

Daily Fantasy Football – 5 Winning Tips

1) Check the Matchups/Odds

It may sound like a simple step, but failing to check the matchups and simply selecting players based on form and price is where a lot of players go wrong. There’s one group of people who know more about the matchups than anyone, and that is the bookies.

For example, when one of the big six clubs are playing a lower tier team and they are paying $1.10 to win, you can expect a lot of goals for the favourite. So selecting some players from that side might be a better option than selecting a better player who has a tougher matchup.

2) Review the Game Logs

All of the point scoring statistics in daily fantasy football require your player to be on the actual ground, and for goalkeepers and defenders in particular, they must play at least 60 minutes of the game to get win and clean sheet bonuses. In this case, game logs are your friend. Study the logs and figure out which players are regularly subbed out at the end of games and which players consistently play 90 minutes for their side.

It’s a simple theory, but more minutes on the ground should equate to more points scored, so make sure you keep an eye on those game logs.

3) Goalkeepers on Defensive Teams

Every year in the EPL there are some offensive-minded teams, there are some defensive-minded teams and there are some (usually the big six clubs) that have the ability to be both. However, if you’re finding yourself short on cash one weekend and can’t afford a goalkeeper from a big six club, make sure you look for one from a defensive-minded team.

For example, Middlesbrough finished the 2016-17 season in second-last position on the EPL table, however, they allowed just 53 goals on the season, which was the second fewest of any team outside the top eight. They were also ninth in the league for clean sheets that season. When you couldn’t afford a premium goalkeeper, Victor Valdes from Middlesbrough was a great cheaper option.

4) The Wider the Better

When looking for defenders and midfielders, wide men seem to be a consistent scoring option. This is because one of the major point-scoring stats is crosses. When you select a central midfielder, you are relying on them to get a lot of the ball and potentially get an assist to score well, which could be tough if they are being marked by a defensive midfielder.

Wide midfielders are more reliable scorers because their crosses seem to be there regardless of whether the team is scoring or not. For defenders, clean sheets and win bonuses are important but it’s always good if your defender can pop up for a goal or an assist. Look for wide men who get forward and send crosses in like Leighton Baines and Seamus Coleman from Everton.

5) Goals, Goals, Goals

When selecting your attacking midfielders and forwards, once again, try to exploit the matchups that you think are going to produce goals. At the end of the day, having multiple goal scorers or assist men on your roster is going to win you games, so it may even be a good idea to pair up a duo of attacking players from one team you think will score a comfortable win on the weekend.

For example, if the dominant force of Liverpool has a matchup this weekend against cellar-dwellers Fulham, you can expect them to be putting multiple goals in the back of the net. It might be a good idea to grab the likes of Mohamed Salah and pair him with another Liverpool midfielder to maximise your chances of getting not only multiple goals, but multiple assists.